Online Registration Required

All members must register for classes at www.mindbodyonline.com. All members must be signed into their classes prior to attending the class to guarantee their spot. Spaces are limited so the earlier you sign in the better!  

LATEcomers/ waitlist

Serenity will enforce a late policy for all scheduled classes and open studio. If class starts and you have not arrived for your scheduled class, members on the wait list will be given the available spots. Waitlisted members will recieve an email from Mindbody confirming they made the class. These emails are sent to the one provided by the client in their Mindbody account. Studio staff will lock the door 10 minutes after the scheduled class starts. Latecomers will not be allowed to attend their scheduled class and will be charged the late/ no show fee. Please have respect for fellow students and your instructors by attending classes on time. 


 Serenity must have an active credit card on file to cover any late/ no show fees that can occur. If the card can not be charged the fee then the members account may be restricted and they will need to contact the studio directly. Late/ no show fee is $20.00. NO EXCEPTIONS. All no show fees must be paid to contine use of membership. 


Serenity has a 4-hour cancellation policy. You must cancel out of class via mindbody. A phone call, text message or email does not count for a cancelation. If you do not attend class or cancel within that 4-hour window before the start of your class this will result in a late/ no show fee. If you are on a class pack your class will be forefited. If you are on a membership contract you will be charged a late/no show fee of $20.00 to the card stored on file. NO EXCEPTIONS.


All contract memberships must be completed until it’s scheduled end date of original contract. No exceptions. 

All transactions are non-refundable and non-transfereable. 

Freezing Membership Account

Members can only freeze their accounts for one month under the following reasons and must provide documentation to studio. (Injury, maternity or relocation)


If you have registered for a class and do not sign out through mindbody, and do not show up for class, you will be considered a no show and will be charged a $20.00 fee. A late cancel/ no show fee of $20.00 will be applied to the credit card on file with the business. To avoid such fees please sign out 4 hour prior to the start time of the scheduled class or open studio. Open studio applies to the late cancel/ no sow policy. No exceptions.


If any class has less than 2 participants registered, class will be canceled. We will do our best to cancel any class at least 2-3 hours before the designated class start time. If a class is canceled you will not lose your class credit.Members will only be notified via email. The studio or instructor is not responsible for outdated email addresses. If we cancel any class and you were never notified, please contact the studio via email immediately.

Serenity has a no-tolerance harassment and discrimination policy. This includes sexual conduct.

Any instructor proven to be harassing or discriminating against any member or other staff members is subject to termination.

Any member proven to be harassing or discriminating against any member, instructor or other staff members of Serenity is subject to immediate member contract termination with absolutely no contract refunds or reimbursement if member is under studio contract.

All sales are final. There are no cash value refunds.

Class credits and memberships are also non-transferable due to membership liability policies.

When classes are full, you can sign up to be on the wait list. (Mindbody System)

When a spot opens up, you will receive an automatic email letting you know you have been added to the class.

Please continue to check your email up to one hour prior to class starting.

Serenity does encourage filming or photos to be taken during the classes as long as its not a distraction to the instructor teaching or to others learning. Always show respect.

We absolutely respect the privacy of all our members and if you have an issue being filmed or photographed please notify an instructor.

Members are not allowed to text or answer their cell phones during class time. Members may take personal or business calls in the studio lobby so its not distracting to other members. Please have respect for fellow students and your instructors attending classes.
You must be 18 and over to attend classes at Serenity, or 16 with a parents consent.

Children and teens under 16 can schedule privates with the instructors.

All Serenity members, instructors, staff members, vendors and costumers/patrons will be monitored 24 hours, 7 days a week with a live feed owner only access security camera and security company access.

We ask that all studio instructors, members, staff members and vendors use our studio restrooms/changing rooms to change clothes at all times due to security monitoring cameras.

Any studio members caught or proven to be stealing from Serenity, or another member or instructor of the facility will be terminated immediately from their member contracts as well as subject to criminal action.

Stealing (studio merchandise, cash, cell phones, iPods, iPads, jewelry, wallets, purses, from the lost and found, etc…) from members, other instructors, staff members and studio owners is absolutely prohibited at any time.

If you are still in a membership contract you will be liable for any early termination fees. If you have class credits those will be forfeited.

Absolutely no food, gum or beverages are allowed on premises with the exception of water.

Serenity will provide water bottles for $1.00

All members must be respectful and courteous to studio instructors, staff members and each other.

Serenity reserves the rights to refuse business to any member we deem necessary.

All members will have full access to our studio boutique.

Serenity’s boutique will provide members with any fitness attire they will need to take classes at our studio.

Purchases can be made online or paid in cash only at the studio.

Vouchers/ Gift Cards
Gift cards and vouchers can be purchased for someone by contacting Serenity Pole and Aerial.